Privacy Policy

privacy policy

The privacy policy that we address here is about the user’s personal information that we collect with their consent and make sure is safe. At Alfa Clean and Dry, we respect and do not compromise your privacy.

We whip up our website users to check out the privacy policies to stay updated about our policies, how, what and why we collect the personal information and how we use it.

Which information do we collect?

● We collect below information from the users.
● Personal identification information
● Contact information
● User’s behaviour, IP address and browser settings
● User’s preference of services

What do we use it for?

Personal information that we collect is used to personalise the website experience for the user. It is also used for specific marketing purposes. We send emails and notifications regarding our services, updates and upcoming new deals and discounts. This information is also used to enable and customise the customer services.

Securing your personal data

We tend to share your personal information with the government authorities regarding law & regulations and to our other business partners that we are working along with.

Except this, we do not sell or share your personal details or contact information to third parties for the company’s benefits as we respect your privacy. We make sure that your data is safe with us.

Modifying the privacy policy

We may modify or replace the privacy policy regarding the services that we provide and other updates. We encourage the users to check out the privacy policy while scrolling through to stay updated with the changes.